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Payroll administration

  • Time & Attendance
  • Payroll Processing
  • Payroll Reporting

Error-free payroll, every pay period.

Providing accurate and timely payroll is an essential component of your business, just probably not one you enjoy dealing with. Effective payroll administration goes far beyond cutting a check – between payroll tax filings, garnishments, new hire reporting, deductions, etc., there are endless tasks associated with processing payroll, ones that employers must execute flawlessly every pay period. The trouble is that the processes most companies use to process their payroll, such as manually entering time and exporting data to and from un-integrated software or technology platforms, are error-prone and time-consuming.your paragraph here.

G&A Partners’ payroll specialists can help you expertly handle every task associated with paying your employees, from the simple to the complex, to ensure they’re paid accurately and on time, every time. Using the latest technology, our team makes error-free payroll a reality for your business owners, and can reduce the time your organization spends on preparing payroll by as much as 80%.

Time & Attendance

Staying on top of your payroll starts with effective labor management. G&A Partners’ online time and attendance system make it easy for you to manage work schedules, manage leave requests and view real-time labor analytics.

Features of our proprietary time and attendance system include:

  • Multiple clock-in/clock-out options (web, card swipe, biometric, SMS)
  • Time and overtime tracking
  • PTO, vacation and sick leave tracking
  • Scheduling and shift-swapping management
  • Direct export to payroll system

Payroll Processing

G&A Partners’ outsourced payroll services gives you back your valuable time so you don’t spend any extra time making payroll calculations. Our payroll experts process all the necessary payments and withdrawals using a simple, self-service online system that gives your employees and managers the access they need to view paystubs, update their information, approve time sheets and more.

Our payroll processing services include:

  • Payroll tax filing
  • Online payroll submission
  • Automated standard deductions
  • Garnishment and levy administration
  • New hire reporting

Payroll Reporting

G&A Partners’ payroll reporting tools give you real-time insight into your workforce and empower you with on-demand access to your employee data. With dozens of customizations and filters available, you’ll always be able to generate the exact payroll report you need for your next audit, board meeting or budget review quickly and easily.

Our payroll reporting tools allow you to: 

  • Generate detailed standard and custom payroll reports, including GL reports
  • Allocate payroll dollars by location, job, department, etc.